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What to Look for in Curriculum Vitaes

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what to look for on a CV

The recruitment process can be lengthy and time fulfilling. Having multiple applicants to riffle through, what are the elements to prioritize when finding the perfect candidate for your job? The first step is knowing exactly what you are looking for in a candidate. This may sound like common sense however this can be easily lost […]

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How will Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party affect Employment?

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jeremy corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn would aim to banish austerity – heighten taxes for the rich and protection for people on welfare, alongside ‘corporate welfare’ tax breaks for companies. Mr Corbyn would also aim to introduce a “maximum wage” to cap the pay of top executives. But how will this affect employment in the UK? Jeremy Corbyn statement – […]

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Why Should You Provide Feedback?

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Letting candidates know why they were unsuccessful is more than just good manners.  Hearing nothing can often be more upsetting than hearing something constructive.  However, it is not an easy thing to do.  Some interviewers do not feel comfortable doing this and this is frequently cited as the reason why feedback is not given.  Below […]

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Avoid Common Recruitment Problems

Categories: Business to Business, Flat Rate Recruitment, HR, Industry News

Recruitment Problems

Choosing how to recruit and who to recruit with can be stressful.  We have put together some tips to help you to avoid some of the most common problems that companies encounter when trying to find new staff: * Unsuccessful adverts – with some recruitment companies, if a post is not filled the first-time around, […]

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Why are Reference Checks Important?

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Reference checking is a standard and seemingly mundane part of the recruitment process for employers, yet it has understated importance and can make a massive difference to a successful appointment.  Additionally, failure to do this thoroughly could prove costly.  Here are a few reasons why you should ensure that you carry out a relevant and […]

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Top Tips for a Successful Interview

Categories: Job Seekers


Sometimes in the midst of all of the preparations – the question practice, the company research and the logistics of reaching the interview location, interviewees often forget that it is their character that can make the greatest impression.  Below are a few back-to-basic tips to allow the ‘you’ to shine through at interview: * Appearance […]

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Recruiting via Social Network Sites

Categories: Business to Business, HR, Industry News

Social Netwroking

Considering the amount of time that people spend on social network sites each day, you would be mad not to consider this as a key recruitment strategy. Job-hunters today can gain huge advantages by having a professional online presence.  LinkedIn is one of the most used social networking tools out there – used by employees, […]

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Why is it Important to Recruit the Right Staff?

Categories: Business to Business, HR

Right Staff

It sounds obvious but, recruitment is more than just filling a post.  A great appointment should really add something to your business; a bad appointment can create far more trouble than an empty desk ever could.  Below are some key reasons to search for that perfect match and a few tips to help you:          A […]

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What Makes a Good Recruiter? – From an Employer’s Point of View.

Categories: Business to Business, HR, Industry News


A great recruitment company can make a huge difference to your business – from new employees that fit perfectly with your team to the administrative support that can really take the headaches and costs out of advertising and hiring.  Below are a few tips from employers on what makes a good recruiter:          The ability to […]

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Online Reputation – Protecting It

Categories: Business to Business, HR, Industry News, Job Seekers


Word of mouth may be the best kind of endorsement for your business, but online reputation is your 21st century version of this.  The internet is the first place that job seekers will look to work out if they could see a future for themselves with your company.  It goes far beyond your own website; search […]

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